Interview with Owen Hughes-Odgers, location sound recordist and drone pilot.

 "If it's remote, isolated, dusty or on fire"  2:10

When did Owen decide he wanted to work in film? 2:28

"I'm in two minds about my studying" 4:44

"Is it important to align yourself with mentors?" 7:00

Owen talks about his thesis on sound. 7:43

Owen discusses leaving university and entering the film industry 9;14

"It was the classic indie film producer call "We have an amazing DOP and a massive camera and we can't afford to pay anyone else"11:03

"I'm going to get more out of this through meeting people than fiscal gain" 12:50

"You have to be prepared for people getting defensive in their occupation" 16:26

"How did you learn to radio mic someone properly?" 20:39

Navigating invoicing when you're just out of school. 31:53

"I don't think people realise the importance of good direction" 44:04

Discussing the importance of shooter directors. 46:02

"Short films are the perfect calling card" 47:54

Getting onto the funding train with screen west and aligning yourself with professional mentors. 55:03

Is it important for a sound recordist to have their own equipment? 56:39

Having integrity. 1:01:46

"It's the people who want to work and are willing to commit to it who will continue to work and get more and more paid jobs." 01:09:15