Episode 4: With Amy Jo

We talk to Minneapolis based Accounts Director Amy Jo Preisler about how she got started in the advertising industry.

0:54 Where she came from
1:23 Whats the difference between advertising and marketing?

4:03  Discussing  the Account Supervisor job

4:14 How did you get started?

6:25 "They took a chance on me and here I am"

7:47 "you learn best on the job"

8:01 "I thought I would be a designer"

8:23 I felt more creative thinking about the strategy"

9:17 What are some of the reasons you would pick a medium for advertising 

10:17 Has the strategy changed with social media?

12:08 Advice for interview for jobs

13:51 "don't be afraid to show your personality"

14:10 What are your thoughts on "personal branding"

15:12 Progressing in the industry by taking jobs in other agencies.

16:54 Discussing Millennials 

17:38 Whats it like working with clients?

18:47 "You have to work on trust"

19:39 "I do my research by talking to people"

21:00  "When you are starting out, you need to learn everything you can from your boss, your job... when you feel like you've learned it all thats when Its time to move on"

21:36Talking about moving on from Amy's first job to her second job

25:09 How do you find a new job?

26:31 How did you get a recruiter?

27:32 What should Hannah do with her life?

30:07 "See if you can find someone to be your rep"

31:18  "This is where I start to create a spiderweb"

32:25 Reinventing herself as a pilates teacher

35:04 "I realised I was trading one stress for another"

35:28 Where do you want to end up?