5: Getting Creative with Psembi

Talking to the multi-talented  Creative Director Psembi Kinstan about how he got his start out of High school through to being the youngest ever Creative Director at Y&R London. I mean seriously just check out his website Psembi.com

00:10 Tell us about yourself

2:05 “ I left High school when I was quite young, I literally had no idea what I wanted to study”

2:20 working on radio

3:00 getting a job on Children’s TV

I mean from here to about 10:00  is just Ben and Psembi reminiscing about working on children’s TV show “castaway”, feel free to skip to the next bit.

10:00 Working on the film “Bran Nu Dae”

12:45 “by that point you could say you were a professional”

20:35 What are some of you favourite advertising books you’ve read.

26:00 Going to uni for 3 months

27:40 “Half way through that internship I asked them for a job”

29:00 “it took me a long time to make as much money in advertising as I did in film”

33:00 Can you explain what you do now?

35:25 “ copy writers our job is to make people get over their cynicism towards brands”

36:00 how did you end up in London?

39:50 “ The other thing I like about advertising is there is always a problem to solve.”

45:40 “In Australia People try a lot harder to do interesting things”

50:50 “You start off in music video and short films and then get in to Ads”

52:00 Back of the head actor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rTrjDCeOD4

52:20 How would Hannah get a gig working with you?

54:40  “Lots of people get into it doing some really mediocre things to begin with because thats where everyone starts.”

58:13 “ The Sexiest project I’ve ever worked on.”

59:20 Whats the best bit of advice that you’ve been given?

60:20 Imposter syndrom.

61:40 “your career is a marathon not a sprint”