6: Storytelling with David

Today's episode is with writer/ director/storyteller  David Vincent Smith   

1:50 How did you get started?

4:50 What did you do directly after film school?

5:20 “we just went out and we shot stuff all the time”

6:29 When doing small projects would you set goals for yourself?

7:20 Did you do any crew work?

10:10 “You make a half good short film and you get lured into thinking that’s what good film making is.”

10:42 “ I feel like I’m now a professional amateur”

12:44 So what was your next step after making short films?

16:50 “If Id just been sitting around waiting for a director job I’d probably just be working at the bar”

18:15  Do you think being a jack of all trades is an effective strategy or is it better to fucus on one skill/job?

20:13 At what point were you ready to say hey I’m ready to focus in on directing and screen writing?

28:18 You had a lot of success with your short film we were here, do you want to talk a little bit about that?

30:31 You have a clear sense of what your style is, how long did it take you to come to that?

34:17 You just spent a couple of months in Europe on Ben Young’s next film, what was that like?

38:15 “the biggest thing I learnt was film making is film making.”

39:17 So what are you doing now?

41:04 “The Goal is always to make a feature”

44:22 Is there anything you wish you’d done differently?

47:14 Do you give yourself a writing target each day? 

49:14 Where does your inspiration for stories come from?

53:46 What advice would you give to someone starting out.

55:02 “Finding a way to be active in the film industry is very important, otherwise you will very quickly find yourself out of the film industry.”

55:39 Whats the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

58:51 do you have any book recommendations for people listening?

People can find David: DVSFilm.com