Interview with Grant Sputore, director and one of the founders of the Penguin Empire.

How did you decide you wanted to work in film? 03:24

Grant discusses film school 04:33

Book reccomendations! 05:50

Directing Actors


A discussion on film structures 07:04

"A films only job is to entertain you" 07:42

Grant discusses the early days of the Penguin Empire 10:18

Working for free? Yay or nay? 18:14

"Help the people who can help you in a way they need to be helped" 21:35

jobs@thepenguinempire.com 25:50

If you want to direct the best thing you could and should be doing is making stuff. 27:22

What is your actual skill? How are you going to add value? 34:21

A discussion about NASA 48:13

The point where Grant figures out the true purpose of this podcast. 49:23

Grants best advice 49:56

I learnt more through the churn of making that show than I did through years of work at film school. 58:16

You've gotta clock the hours 59:46